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about 1 year ago

Do you have an internet connection with decent speed? Then, you prefer online streaming than downloading when it comes to watching videos. Of course, YouTube is the biggest video streaming service. But when it comes to watching new movies and television shows, you can’t rely upon it. That’s where you need an alternate solution to watching movies online. Don’t worry! You don’t have to roam around without having any destination as I am going to help you download Megabox HD app for Android. You can stream your favourite videos and movie content without sweating much using this free movie app.

megabox hd app for android

Features of Megabox HD

Here in this section, I am going to give a few features of Megabox HD app for Android.

1. Availability of Offline Downloading

On Megabox HD app, you can download video files offline to watch it later.

2. Different Resolutions

Though there are two right now, you will find it useful when you browse content using a low speed connection.

3. Favourite Feature

You can add videos to Favourites in order to avoid the long browsing section to get it later.

Download Megabox HD App for Android

In this tutorial, you will read how to install Megabox HD app on your Android device. I have also included the steps needed to run the app on your computer and stream the content to Chromecast.

Are you ready to jump into the core of this post? Here you go!

Step 1: First, you have to download Megabox HD APK file. You may think that why the APK file given that we have a direct way of installing app (Play Store)?

If the app were available on Google Play, I should have given the link here. So, we need to find an alternate method to install the app. Luckily, Android supports sideloading of applications.


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